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Welcome to Sophie Lecavalier Photography!

August 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to my new-est blog!

I’ve had so many highs and low’s since starting my photography business almost 5 years ago. I've often thought I would be better off closing the doors and getting a job with predictable income so as to be better in order to better support my family. I've also felt like the luckiest person to do what I love and get paid. Simply put; A ROLLERCOASTER!

One of the constant struggles through this process has been a compelling and consistent presence online.

I've changed websites multiple times. I tried to build them on my own, used readymade out-of-the-box sites and even paid a stupid amount of money to get a designer to build me a custom  one. So far none of these avenues have been the right fit. I could write several posts on this subject alone but many people have done so with grater eloquence so I will spare you! Suffice it to say, I'm still reaching for the right fit and don't think I will ever be quite done. 

The reason I mention all of this is to explain why this is my first post. It's not that I’m new to blogging... just new to this website provider. I do hope it will be a perfect fit for me as a newborn photographer but also for you as a visitor.

I very much welcome comments and questions so feel free to jot down your thoughts here or as a message on our Facebook page.

Thanks for visiting!


Newborn photography - wrapped in yellowNewborn photography - wrapped in yellow


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