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Newborn Session | Victoria BC

October 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A wonderful newborn session

Meeting two people who are expecting a baby and then a few weeks later seeing them again as a fully formed family is such a cool experience. In a matter of months your role, your identity, your responsibilities change so radically but the gift that comes along with that is so fulfilling and rewarding that you just embrace it. Even the short nights... (ok, that's the worst)

Though I adore every one of these images I think my favorite is this one with daddy and son. First I have a soft spot for daddy & baby moments but the joy and pride on daddy's face sums up the emotion and intensity of the moment better than any words I can think of.

I sometime imagine this little boy holding on to this photograph throughout his life. Looking at it over and over. Having the corners curled and scratched from use. I imagine him looking at this image and letting that love from dad give him the courage to overcome every challenge he is faced with. Maybe I watch too many Hallmark commercials but this is the value photographs have had in my life so I can only hope it will be the same for others.


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