Five of my favorite apps and why I think you will love them too!

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5 fav apps and why5 fav apps and why

These are 5 cool apps I’ve come across that I simply adore!

Beyond the candy crush, card games and farming simulators, there is a world of apps that are worth your time and will make your life infinitely easier. I have collected each one based on research, recommendations and just dumb luck. I have spent time exploring each one to see how user friendly, reliable and worthwhile they were. I hope you get hours of fun and value out of each one.


1. Journey

Journey is my absolute favorite app for journaling. I love how easy it is to navigate. You open the app, type in whatever is on your mind and done. If you feel inclined, you can add a photo or multiples from the live camera or your phone gallery. Another great feature is that you can set a reminder alert to make sure you add a few words every day (this has totally helped me keep it up). I value the password protection option as well to keep those prying eyes away. The most important feature for me though is the export options. You can save your entries to any storage or just your phone gallery. You can send it straight to the printer as a PDF with all your photos included or to a multitude of other spots. Write for a few months then print a paper version of your journal, trip or life adventures. It’s super easy, versatile and rewarding. A word of warning though, back up your entries in a second location once in a while in case your phone is lost or broken. It's only after looking back at a few months of entries that I truly came to realize the power and value of this journaling app. I hope you keep it up!


2. Gratitude Journal

This is as simple as it sounds. Take a few moments everyday to write down what you are grateful for. Be as eloquent or succinct as you like, but the power of positive, purposeful appreciation of your life will absolutely create happiness in your heart. I’ve given myself special challenges like 2 straight weeks of noticing things my hubby does that I am grateful for, 2 weeks of things I am grateful about my work and home. The mind naturally notices flaws but sometimes these challenges push you to notice things you take for granted and help you change your attitude towards them. How epic is that for just a few minutes of paying attention!!! This is the app I use but there are so many others that you can choose. Pick the one that works for you. Just remember simple is easy to do every day, complicated… not so much.

project life app layout Sophie Lecavalier Photographyproject life app layout Traveling layout project life app Sophie LecavalierTraveling layout project life app Sophie Lecavalier project life layout cat Sophie Lecavalier Photographyproject life layout cat Sophie Lecavalier Photography






3. Project life 

OMG! This app is my absolute #1 favorite app for a creative outlet. It's so addictive! If you have an interest in scrapbooking, I know you will just ADORE this app (there is a fee though).  If you never got into scrapbooking because it’s too clutter-y or you just never know what to do with all those choices… this is the app for you! Basically you choose a layout add pictures and pick from hundreds of cards to add notes, memos and reminders. I use it as a note pad when I see something I like for my business but can’t act on it yet, I add recipes with photos of my kids making or eating said recipe. I use it for our regular family documentation. The possibilities are endless! It’s sort of like Pinterest but just for you! Once I have a good collection of fun pages in one theme I send them to a printer where they put it together in a soft cover book. I have a beautiful collection of these inspiration books and love them all!!!!! The best part is you can create a gorgeous layout in 2 minutes or less from anywhere, anytime. Here is a link to the blog for more inspiration. If you already have this app and use it in a different way please share it with us in the comments.

cake smash collage Project life app SophiePhotocake smash collage Project life app SophiePhoto day at the beach Project life app SophiePhotoday at the beach Project life app SophiePhoto day at the beach scrapbooking project life app SophiePhotoday at the beach scrapbooking project life app SophiePhoto









4. Audible

OK this is my personal weakness. I don’t have much time to read anymore but I still love hearing stories. So I go to Audible, buy a couple of credits and download a few books. They’re mine for keeps so I can take as long as I want to start them. I’ve downloaded everything from motivational to business, from classics like the Pillars of the Earth and Shogun, which are massive books, to Vampire and Harlequin Smut (mostly my favorites…sshhh). I listen to them when I am folding clothes, doing laundry, working in Photoshop and even when I go for hikes. It’s also good when you have to nurse your little one in the middle of the night but your eyes are too tired to read. The audio books work out to be $15 Canadian unless you catch one of their special deals. I even have tittles for my kids who listen to the audio books when they go to sleep. Many libraries now have a similar service though their selection is often lacking in variety. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation or business and marketing insight I have a little list of tittles that are really worth your time. Just send me a quick email and I will be happy to share it! If you have some super must-read suggestions please add them to the comments!


5. Memo

I think memo is one of the most underutilized assets you have at your fingertips. Memo is an app you already have sitting on your phone. Of course you can add some pretty fancy versions if you care to. I am perfectly happy with the super basic model though. I use this app constantly! From grocery lists to ideas on the fly, with rough drafts of future blog posts and proposals or even voice memo recordings, this app is my memory saver. I never have good ideas when I’m sitting at my keyboard but when I go for walks, or drive around listening to the radio I get wonderful inspiration! I don’t use my phone when I drive but if you see some lady sitting in a random parking lot typing furiously or walking in the woods  with  her phone jotting down notes every two minutes… say hi, it might be me!

This note taking in the moment is something I read about from a journaling guru (Jim Rohn) He said that no matter how much you would like to remember an idea you had, it rarely comes back to you in exactly the same way so it’s always best to use inspiration when it comes! As soon as I can, I email myself the really good notes because I have accidently erased a lengthy memo more than once and it’s super disheartening. 

I hope these 5 apps get your imagination and creativity going. It’s time to appreciate the little things and do big things!

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